About the Podcast

The Divine Feminine Dog Trainer podcast is all about inspiring you to look deeper into your relationship with your dog. I believe our dogs are here to help us along our spiritual path to self love and unconditional love for all. The problem arrises in our relationship with them when they reflect those parts of us that need healing. You'll learn how awakening the divine feminine in yourself will help you understand your purpose more clearly and create a beautiful relationship with yourself, others and your dog.

Topics in the podcast will cover areas in; trauma release, reiki, meditation, power of intention and prayer, manifestation, animal communication, intuition, frequency and biomagnetic technology for health, sacred geometry, holistic health, shadow work, neuro-linguistic programming, neuro-linguistic programming, spirituality, kundalini yoga, epigenetics, working with ascended masters, spirit guides and angels, helping aspiring entrepreneurs break out of the matrix and mindful dog training.