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Hello Rescue Dog Lover!

We want to help you create more compassionate, kind and loving relationships between human and dog. We have a vision to create these types of relationships through our Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course. Our course educates adopters on how trauma is created in a rescue dog and how we treat it through our mindfulness training to resolve the root cause of a dog's behavioral issues. The hope is that the client finds more compassion, patience and motivation to help their dog lead a happier life. 

Our Mission

Through our Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course we create a comprehensive 6 step process to keep rescue dogs inside their homes, educate the community on how to resolve and heal trauma and give back to rescues so they can continue doing their work. We want to get more rescues involved in our affiliate program so they can help their adopters and make income for their rescue.

What's inside

Inside our Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course we teach relaxation as a skill, boundaries, mindset training for dogs, help to turn on and activate the dog's parasympathetic nervous system and how to train or manage certain common behaviors like barking, jumping, not listening, separation anxiety, reactivity or fearfulness. All of this has a focus around the rescue dog and how to raise their threshold for stress, build confidence, resilience, release trauma and regulate their emotions and nervous system.

Becoming an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is easy! Here's what you'll receive when you get your own personal affiliate link to share with adopters and followers...

You Receive:


  • A way to generate consistent income into your rescue or rescue of your choice

  • A way to set your adopters up to be successful so your return rate decreases

  • Happier adopters and a better name in the community

  • A way to adopt out and help more dogs!

  • A mindfulness training and educational course for your adopters to educate them on how to train, raise, live with and understand their rescue dog

  • $100 OFF coupon to the Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course for your adopters and followers

  • An affiliate fee for the referral (50% of each program purchased goes back to you!)

Your Adopters or Followers Receive:
  • $100 off coupon to the Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course

  • A step by step training plan inside a workbook

  • Step by step videos and handouts on how to train a rescue dog

  • Reactivity, separation anxiety, fear, aggression and hyperactivity strategies and support

  • Knowing that they're giving back to the rescue

We Want to Help!

We want to help you succeed, make the world a better place and educate the community on what these dogs have been through so they can choose to treat rescue dogs better and with more compassion.

Interested and want to learn more? Reach out! Or visit HappyRescueDogs.com  to learn more about our online course.

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